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Our price list helps you anticipate the approximate cost of your next appointment.

Private Treatments Price List

We regularly benchmark our prices to ensure our costs are competitive and reasonable for the services rendered.

We last updated this price list in January 2024.

Treatments Fee
Implant Consultation
Scale and Polish
Composite Fillings
From £125.00
Root Canal Treatment
From £289.00
Crowns and Veneers
Invisalign Dual arch
Invisalign 1 arch
At home Teeth Whitening
In chair Teeth Whitening
Implant crown
CDX/IS Guide
Bone Graft
Independent Dentures Fee
Independent 1-3 Tooth Denture
Independent 4-8 Tooth Denture
Independent 9-11 Tooth Denture
Independent Full Single Arch
Independent Full Upper and Lower Denture

Independent dentures are one grade up from an NHS denture, this includes a higher specification of teeth used on the denture.

Private Dentures Fee
Private 1-3 Tooth Denture
Private 4-8 Tooth Denture
Private 9-11 Tooth Denture
Private Full Single Arch
Private Full Upper and Lower Denture
Private Chrome 1-3 Tooth Denture
Private Chrome 4-8 Tooth Denture
Private Chrome 9-11 Denture

Private dentures are made using high impact acrylic and a higher specification of teeth than both NHS and Independent.

NHS Treatment Pricing

Patients receiving NHS care at our dental practice can find the most up-to-date pricing on the Scottish Dental website.

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