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Digital Dentistry

At City Quay, we invest in dentistry’s finest technologies to make dental treatments more comfortable and efficient with incredible results.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry refers to using dental technologies or devices rather than mechanical or electrical tools to carry out dental procedures. The use of digital dentistry can make treatments more efficient for restorative and diagnostic purposes.

At City Quay Dental Clinic and Implant Centre, we will always aim to ensure that our patients have access to world-class standards of care and the latest developments in dental research, including access to the latest dental technology.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry for Patients

From digital X-rays to computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing restorations, digital dentistry uses technology to improve the quality and comfort of your restorations while saving you time.
We invest in the dental technology that is the most beneficial to you while streamlining processes on our end. The importance of dental technology cannot be overstated, as our dental technology systems offer the following benefits:

Greater precision

Laser technology enables us to create an image of your teeth to reconstruct with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Better aesthetics

Digital design allows for a more seamless contour and colour that matches your surrounding teeth. These results are inherently more beautiful and offer a more natural-looking appearance.

Improved quality

Our bespoke restorations use advanced metal-free materials, digital precision, and natural design. They match existing teeth and provide a natural bite and smile.

Increased comfort

Traditional impression trays are a headache for patients – they are gooey, uncomfortable, and take several minutes. We now take digital impressions using an intraoral scanner, a wand that accurately captures the dimensions of your teeth as we sweep it across your teeth and gums.

Digital Workflows at our Dundee Dental Clinic

Our high-tech dental practice uses various types of digital dental equipment. These modern tools and techniques are far superior to standard tools, as they provide our patients with top-of-the-line diagnostics and care.
City Quay is a fully-digital dental practice, including patient records containing up-to-the-minute information. Some of our most impressive equipment consists of our Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner, intraoral scanner, and 3-D printer.

CBCT Imaging for Dentistry

Our CBCT scanner lets us take high-resolution 3-D scans of your mouth and teeth.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a medical imaging technique that goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional X-rays. The CBCT system captures hundreds of high-quality images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan.

During the imaging process, a cone-shaped X-ray beam rotates around your head, producing up to 200 2-D images. Using specialised computer software, we convert these images into a 3D image to help us fully diagnose and treat an oral health issue.

CBCT has become increasingly important in treatment planning and diagnostics in implant dentistry and extraction planning. Because of the increased access to such technology, CBCT scanners are now finding many uses in dentistry, such as oral surgery, endodontics, and orthodontics.

Benefits of CBCT Imaging
There are several benefits to using CBCT imaging, making it the preferred imaging method for many dentists and orthodontists. We are a detail-oriented team of dental professionals, and there are many advantages for us to collect images using our CBCT system, including:
Common Uses for CBCT Imaging
CBCT imaging can be instrumental in complex dental cases that involve:

Our TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

City Quay Dental Clinic and Implant Centre collects digital impressions of your teeth using our Trios intraoral scanner.

Trios is an intraoral (in the mouth) dental scanner that takes super high-speed images of your mouth using a wand. We gently glide this small wand over your teeth and oral tissues to capture photos of your mouth.

The Trios scanner instantly captures up to a thousand high-quality images in a minute, combining them into an accurate 3-D image of your dental structures. We refer to this collection of images as a digital impression or intraoral scan. We quickly send these image files to a speciality dental lab, where they can start making your restoration or appliance right away.

An In-House 3-D Printer

Our 3-D printing system and innovations in materials enable our practice to produce dental parts for various treatments. These technologies streamline procedures as they can eliminate part availability and shipping delays. With global supply chains falling behind, our practice believes in the importance of producing high-quality dental parts in-house where possible to increase efficiency.

At City Quay, we use an industry-leading Formlab 3B 3-D printer to rapidly print parts specific to you. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, we offer customised parts for your dental needs. For example, we can use this printer to create bespoke implant guides or same-day bridges.

A Gum Contouring Laser

If your gums grow too long and cover up your teeth, it can result in a less attractive smile and impact your self-esteem.

One solution is a gum contouring procedure where one of our experienced dentists removes excess gum tissue above the top of your teeth. Using our in-house laser, the dentist will gently shape the gum level in a way that is proportionate to the natural look of your teeth to create a beautiful smile.

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