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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are more than mere restorations; they can also enhance the aesthetics of your smile.

Improve Natural Tooth Function and Appearance with Dental Crowns

Damage and decay make natural teeth incredibly vulnerable. Protecting the remaining tooth structure and reinstating proper functionality may be too much to ask of a regular filling. In these instances, we often recommend dental crowns.

A crown is both a restorative and cosmetic dental prosthesis. These popular restorations are custom-made to fit over your remaining natural tooth, like a well-fitting cap. Though often used to restore function to a natural tooth, crowns are also popular with our dental implant treatments.

We have the crown made to our specifications at a trusted dental laboratory, so it fits, feels, functions, and looks spectacular. Our patients love the uniform results we offer them with dental crowns, and our diligent dentists ensure the crown adheres securely and you are happy with this protective restoration’s aesthetic results and functionality.

The Many Advantages of Crowns

A dental crown corrects your smile, gives strength to your natural tooth, and has additional benefits. A crown can:

Options for Dental Crown Materials

Dental laboratories make crowns using many types of materials depending on your specific needs. During your consultation, we will outline your options and recommend our suggestions for crown materials. We may recommend the following:
Stainless Steel
This material is generally for children’s crowns. It is cost-effective and often used as a temporary measure.
These crowns use metal alloys, which grant them superior strength and longevity. However, the colour is a drawback as it stands out from your natural smile.
Due to its exceptional colour-match characteristics, porcelain crowns are often used on the front and back teeth. Zirconia, porcelain, and Emax crowns all fall into this category.
These crowns combine the greatest attributes of porcelain and metal crowns, making them strong and visually beautiful. The crown’s interior is a metal alloy, while the exterior is a visually-impressive porcelain.

Dental Crown Placement at our Dundee Practice

Our esteemed team of dentists place dental crowns with incredible precision. Crown treatment at our practice often requires two visits.

During your first visit, we prepare the treatment site by removing the damaged tooth structure and shaping the tooth to fit your custom crown. We will take digital imaging of your tooth and treatment area using our state-of-the-art in-house technology or traditional impressions. Until your permanent crown is ready, we place a temporary crown in its place.

We will fit your new crown at your second appointment. We start by cleaning the treatment area and then checking the crown’s fit, appearance, and feel. If you are happy with the new crown and it meets our rigorous standards, we permanently cement the crown in place.

Dental Bridges: An Aesthetic Solution for Missing Teeth

Whether you have been missing a tooth for a long time or you have an unhealthy tooth that needs extraction, a dental bridge is a restorative appliance we use to make your smile whole and healthy again.

Dental bridges are single-piece restorations of an artificial tooth fused between dental crowns. These prostheses anchor to the mouth via abutment teeth on either side of the gap or dental implants. A bridge helps keep the remaining teeth in position, reinstates the functionality of a missing tooth, and aids in cosmetic enhancement.

Dental Bridges Offer Several Benefits to Your Smile

There are many reasons a bespoke dental bridge is the right choice for you. There are many advantages to bridges, which include:

Types of Bridges

There are four main types of bridges available. We can recommend which bridge suits you best based on your oral health and unique treatment factors.

What to Expect During Your Dental Bridge Treatment

Similar to dental crowns, our traditional tailor-made bridges also take at least two appointments (possibly more if a tooth requires extraction).

At your first appointment, we prepare your abutment teeth, shaping them to fit the crowns on either side of your bridge. We take impressions or other images with our in-house digital dental tools and send the information to the detail-oriented dental lab. To protect the abutment teeth, we provide you with a temporary bridge as we await the arrival of your permanent bridge.

During the second appointment, we remove the temporary bridge and place the permanent one. You can trust that our  dentists adhere to high standards regarding your bridge’s look, feel, and fit. 

Confident Smiles Come from City Quay

Book an appointment with one of our dentists to discuss your smile and how we can help perfect it. Our dentists can help recommend dental treatments that elevate the appearance and function of your smile — such as crowns and bridges. A beautiful smile is waiting for you.