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Instead of paying a lump-sum for dental treatments, patients can access the services they want now, and pay them off in affordable installments.

Cost Should Not Be an Obstacle in Dental Care

Getting dental work done is often mandatory, and avoiding or deferring treatment may not be an option. However, coverage can vary for dental plans in terms of eligible amounts and procedures.

At City Quay, we are happy to provide various payment options for dental procedures, including our membership plans or financing. Offering multiple payment options gives patients the ability to obtain treatment immediately and the reassurance that it’s fit for them financially.

How Dental Financing Works

Many dental clinics work with larger financing providers. At City Quay, we partner with Chrysalis Finance to broaden the number of payment options for our patients.

Once a patient’s online application is approved, Chrysalis sends payment directly to the dental clinic, which then takes on the debt and receives repayment over a predetermined period.

From the practitioner’s perspective, we can provide prompt treatments to you before your dental issues escalate, helping you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile in a timely manner. On the patient side, you simply apply, get approval, and proceed with treatment.

How Much Are the Monthly Payments?

The amount you’ll pay each month will depend on various factors, including treatment type and the repayment period (how long it takes to repay the loan). Every patient may have different payment terms with Chrysalis, so we cannot give a precise number for your monthly payment upfront. We recommend checking their payment calculator for more details about how much your payment will be.

Payment Calculator

Chrysalis offers a finance calculator on its website. To see how much the monthly payments are, enter the cost of your treatment and your preferred repayment terms. The calculator will then give you an approximate amount for your monthly payment.

Dental Financing in Three Easy Steps

Does dental financing seem complicated or overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. With our partner Chrysalis, a successful online application is all it takes to gain financing for your dental treatments.

Step 1: Complete the Online Application

Approval can occur in as little as two minutes, so apply today.

Step 2: The Practice Gets Paid By the Provider

Once Chrysalis approves your application, they will pay for your dental treatment in full.

Step 3: Treatment Begins

With all financial details looked after, you are eligible to receive treatment immediately.

Learn More About Dental Financing

Do you have questions about financing treatments? Contact us today, and we will gladly answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.